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Botox Cosmetic®

Botox CosmeticA Botox Cosmetic® treatment is a highly effective, non-surgical procedure that can dramatically smooth frown lines between eyebrows, horizontal forehead creases and crow’s feet around eyes.

Very low doses of Botox Cosmetic® are administered into the overactive muscles that cause lines and creases to form. Within days, you will see a marked improvement! Benefits last up to four months. Learn more about Botox Cosmetic®.

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Botox Cosmetic® has been widely tested and is FDA approved.

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What causes frown lines?

Over time, repeated movement of the facial skin by the forehead muscles forms lines between the eyebrows.  Frown lines happen because of the way a person moves their face.

Are they always related to age?

No. Facial movements, such as frowning or squinting create frown lines and they may even develop in younger adults.

What can you do about them?

Treatment with Botox Cosmetic® can temporarily improve the look of your moderate to severe lines. Treatment generally only takes about 10 to 20 minutes.